My Affair with Winters

I love the nip in the wind……I love the warmth of the sun……..I love the smell of ginger in the tea…………….I love the softness of the fleece in my pyjamas…… a nutshell…..I love winters. If I were to write the song…..’a few of my favourite things’ would be very different. One thing that I love the most is winter dressing. You can hide all that … Continue reading My Affair with Winters

‘Nationalist’ Saree Wearing ‘Anti-national’ Journalist’s Rant

Labels are best left at the back of your clothes…….not on people and not on their preferences. I work for a news organisation often labelled ‘Anti-national’ and I just read an article about saree being part of a ‘Nationalist hindu agenda’. Ugggggghhhh!!!! This article written by some journalist for the New York Times says,”The Indian fashion industry has been pressed to aggressively promote traditional attire … Continue reading ‘Nationalist’ Saree Wearing ‘Anti-national’ Journalist’s Rant

Stop Lying to Yourself &Eat Healthy

It’s not that tough to eat clean and healthy. We all just whine and crib about how difficult it is to cook stuff that is healthy. It is a MYTH!!!!! You can eat healthy… just have to keep a few things in mind so that it is sustainable. Most of us make an attempt at it but after a few days give up as we … Continue reading Stop Lying to Yourself &Eat Healthy

Vegetarianism! Not for me but amazing concept

Years ago, for Gandhi Jayanti I did an episode of my health show which focused on Gandhi and his health philosophy. Gandhiji laid immense importance to a few things in his life; cleanliness, truth, diet, benevolence and of course……..Non Violence!!! I was super impressed with his health and fitness fundas when I researched about it. He wrote a book in Gujarati that gave some interesting … Continue reading Vegetarianism! Not for me but amazing concept

Confessions of a guilt stricken aspiring sustainable shopper!

I threw out a pair of heels I bought in 2010, not because I was bored with them. I threw them out as they had lived out their life after being repaired thrice by a cobbler and then finally dying out on me. But as I was throwing them out, a vision flashed before my eyes. A vision of those heels sitting in a landfill … Continue reading Confessions of a guilt stricken aspiring sustainable shopper!

Dilliwali in Mumbaiwala monsoon

Work took me to Mumbai last week and I spent most of the time trying to stay dry while zipping across the length and breadth of the city, from BKC to Colaba to Lokhandwala. Mumbai, which evidently was going through a dry patch in the monsoon season, suddenly experienced a new vigour in the showers as soon as I landed. So While I loved sitting … Continue reading Dilliwali in Mumbaiwala monsoon