Dilliwali in Mumbaiwala monsoon

Work took me to Mumbai last week and I spent most of the time trying to stay dry while zipping across the length and breadth of the city, from BKC to Colaba to Lokhandwala. Mumbai, which evidently was going through a dry patch in the monsoon season, suddenly experienced a new vigour in the showers as soon as I landed. So While I loved sitting … Continue reading Dilliwali in Mumbaiwala monsoon

For the love of all things that look vintage

  I love vintage!!!! simply put, I like things to look old but want them to be perfectly new. Weird!!! But that’s how this love for vintage works. Look at all these things that i have picked up during my travels and some just whacked from other travellers…..they all have beautiful packaging. I don’t care if the product is crap, I still love it for … Continue reading For the love of all things that look vintage