My Ragi Revolution


Diet and exercise is a lot of trial and error, hit and miss. One year something works wonders for your body then the next year that same thing is a total fail. As your body ages, it starts acting moody. It rejects things it gladly accepted at one time, be it food, physical activity or amount of rest and sleep.

One big change I felt in my body was with regard to food. My body now completely rejects milk (that I love) and shows discomfort with wheat. So while the whole world is discovering the “benefits” of Aata, I am looking for alternatives to Aata (whole wheat flour). While rice or as we call it in Garhwali, bhaat has been part of my diet since childhood, the satisfaction or enjoyment of a good seasonal sabzi or vegetable is only when you wrap a roti around it. That is why I have explored all sorts of flour made out of bajra, ragi, moong dal, rice, buckhweat (Kuttu), mixed grain, High bran, besan (chickpea flour) with soyabean and even sattu (black gram flour). Some I used to make rotis with varying degrees of success and some I used to make cheela or desi style crepes. Finally I have found my grain!!!!! It is RAGI!!! It is not surprising at all that it is the grain my father grew up eating in his village in Garhwal and is called Kauda there. I guess genetics and culture does play a role in what suits your body the best.

So after years of eating wheat, I am back to my roots. While making a ragi roti is not that complicated and numerous videos of it can be found on the internet, I prefer to experiment also a little bit.

As I experiment and make new recipes, I will share them here. So keep watching this space for more 🙂





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