When Ragi met Sattu

IMG_1280As I mentioned in my earlier post, I have replaced wheat with ragi in my plate and I am constantly experimenting with recipes. Now I am a big foodie and I get bored easily so I have been experimenting with ragi to make some interesting stuff. So I mixed ragi flour with the same amount of sattu flour to make these Roti Chips.

All you need to do is knead them together (50:50 in ratio) along with a bit of salt and spice of your choice, ajwain and some onions and then pat it out to make a thick-ish roti. It will be a little difficult to roll it out like a normal roti with a rolling pin. That is why I would suggest that you put a butter paper or microwave paper on the chakla and then start patting it out to make a roundish roti. You can even put a cling film and then try to roll it out with a rolling pin or just pat it by hand. Don’t worry if it is not perfect. The beauty of this roti lies in its imperfections.

Now just cook/roast it over a hot tava on medium heat. Once cooked put a little bit of ghee or oil if you like, and roast it a little bit more. After it has cooled down a bit, cut it into rough triangles and serve it with a dip.

I tried this and served it as a snack and it tasted quite good. Its easy, quick, simple and healthy…….and believe me…very exotic compared to the nacho chips you were planning to serve.







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