Dilliwali in Mumbaiwala monsoon

When monsoon seduces you into having beer with old friends while enjoying a view

Work took me to Mumbai last week and I spent most of the time trying to stay dry while zipping across the length and breadth of the city, from BKC to Colaba to Lokhandwala. Mumbai, which evidently was going through a dry patch in the monsoon season, suddenly experienced a new vigour in the showers as soon as I landed. So While I loved sitting on my friend’s windowsill with a cup of coffee or even rum, I was traumatised when I had to travel in the city.

So here is my theory……it seems Lord Indra has developed Micro-mapping for Mumbai. Every time you are about to step out and enter a cab, a signal is sent to the clouds localised over your cab and it starts pouring there for those few minutes. It stops again when you are en-route to your destination and then as soon as you reach and are ready to step out of the cab, again the local clouds get activated and it starts pouring. While most of my Mumbai friends and colleagues agreed that this localised downpour is definitely a phenomenon, they refused to consider it a hindrance to their lives.

Mumbaiwalas love their Monsoon, irrespective of the inconvenience it causes on the roads or the frizz on their head. In fact many who shifted from drier cities like Delhi, after fighting it for a few years, have fallen head over heels in love with the Monsoon.

But i can understand it, especially if these are the kind of views you have when you sit down for a quick beer with old friends in a sea facing old world cafe, while munching on Keema Lifafas.

View from Marina Cafe on the roof of Hotel Sea Palace, Colaba

Psssssst…….I love the Mumbai Monsoon too……but don’t tell anyone!!! Especially if you serve it up with these Keema Lifafas, next time just add a twist of lemon to it.



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