How I Never Repeat a Dress to a Party

Recently at a party a male friend asked me if I ever repeat clothes. He has mostly met me in parties hosted by friends and he claims I have never repeated a dress. Now, there are a few things to note here……firstly he and I have known each other for about four years now, secondly we have only recently become friendly. So it is possible … Continue reading How I Never Repeat a Dress to a Party

Kala Cotton: Indigenous & Organic Without Trying Too Hard

Sustainability is important in everything, even in actions…….in fact especially in actions. if you do something…..ensure that you can keep it up. My experience with organic cotton clothes has been, for lack of better words……shitty….just plain shitty. Big brands sell you clothes the size of handkerchiefs at exorbitant amounts calling it organic cotton. I have fallen for that trap many times. But now I look … Continue reading Kala Cotton: Indigenous & Organic Without Trying Too Hard

Kutchi travel stories: Bhuj & Rann of Kutch

  In television one thing we learn is that if you want to make your subject grab attention then ensure that the background is muted. It seems God also has keen cinematic eye. Any place that has extreme dry, arid climate with burning earth and pale yellow tones of sunlight as the highlight…………the people of the land are the most colourful you will ever find. … Continue reading Kutchi travel stories: Bhuj & Rann of Kutch

Why I stopped using my Fitbit

I don’t wear my Fitbit anymore as I feel it serves no purpose. I was super excited the day my Fitbit arrived……..I charged it as soon as I could and then started the process of counting steps. In fact there was a constant competition within family and friends who all wore Fitbits. But today my Fitbit lies gathering dust in a corner……as it has outlived … Continue reading Why I stopped using my Fitbit

My Affair with Winters

I love the nip in the wind……I love the warmth of the sun……..I love the smell of ginger in the tea…………….I love the softness of the fleece in my pyjamas…… a nutshell…..I love winters. If I were to write the song…..’a few of my favourite things’ would be very different. One thing that I love the most is winter dressing. You can hide all that … Continue reading My Affair with Winters

‘Nationalist’ Saree Wearing ‘Anti-national’ Journalist’s Rant

Labels are best left at the back of your clothes…….not on people and not on their preferences. I work for a news organisation often labelled ‘Anti-national’ and I just read an article about saree being part of a ‘Nationalist hindu agenda’. Ugggggghhhh!!!! This article written by some journalist for the New York Times says,”The Indian fashion industry has been pressed to aggressively promote traditional attire … Continue reading ‘Nationalist’ Saree Wearing ‘Anti-national’ Journalist’s Rant

Stop Lying to Yourself &Eat Healthy

It’s not that tough to eat clean and healthy. We all just whine and crib about how difficult it is to cook stuff that is healthy. It is a MYTH!!!!! You can eat healthy… just have to keep a few things in mind so that it is sustainable. Most of us make an attempt at it but after a few days give up as we … Continue reading Stop Lying to Yourself &Eat Healthy

Vegetarianism! Not for me but amazing concept

Years ago, for Gandhi Jayanti I did an episode of my health show which focused on Gandhi and his health philosophy. Gandhiji laid immense importance to a few things in his life; cleanliness, truth, diet, benevolence and of course……..Non Violence!!! I was super impressed with his health and fitness fundas when I researched about it. He wrote a book in Gujarati that gave some interesting … Continue reading Vegetarianism! Not for me but amazing concept